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Hotel Vieiras Balneario Camboriu

Event rooms

Event in Balneário Camboriú

We currently have 4 main rooms for holding events here in Balneário Camboriú. We have options to meet any type of demand, from private events and meetings to corporate conventions. In addition, it is possible to reconcile your event demand with an excellent hosting service, with special prices and packages.

We also have a wide list of partners that offer a wide choice of outsourced materials that can be hired to optimize your need during your event.

Contact us and learn more about our options.

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Interpraias Room

The Interpraias room is one of the new events rooms at Hotel Vieiras, with a total area of 175 square meters and a total capacity of 190 people, which can be assembled in several different formats. It is ideal for corporate and social events. This space is completely flexible and adaptable to your event.


Praia Central Room

Sala Praia Central is also part of the newly opened event rooms at Hotel Vieiras, with a total area of approximately 30 square meters and a total capacity of up to 30 chairs. This room aims to meet the needs of corporate events such as mini lectures and meetings. It has air conditioning, chairs, table and complimentary water.

Hotel Vieiras Balneario Camboriu

Amores Room

The Amores Room is part of the new event rooms at Hotel Vieiras, and has a total area of approximately 22 square meters and capacity for up to 20 chairs. This room was designed to hold meetings and small conferences.

It has air conditioning, chairs and table at your disposal.

Praia Brava Room

The Praia Brava Room is the most traditional event room at Hotel Vieiras. With a capacity for events of up to 200 people, this room has the versatility to adapt to different room formats, and can offer complete options for any type of event.

It has air conditioning, chairs, tables and a gallon of 20 liters of complimentary water.

We also have a modern and elegant socialization area, a place for event participants to meet and socialize during breaks or to rest in our comfortable armchairs and sofas. Next to the socialization area, there are men's, women's and disabled bathrooms.